States of India

India is administratively divided into 35 major and minor states and union territories. Copious amounts of information is produced on each of these. CMIE puts all of this together into one offering – States of India.

The data provided by the service can be divided into 13 broad components. These are listed below with the principal source of data in parenthesis.

  • Demographics (Census of India)
  • State Domestic Product (Central Statistical Organisation)
  • Elections (Election Commission of India)
  • Agriculture (Ministry of Agriculture & Cooperation)
  • Industry (Annual Survey of Industries)
  • Infrastructure (variety of sources for power, roadways, railways, ports, aviation, telecommunications)
  • Investments (CMIE’s CapEx service)
  • Banking (Reserve Bank of India)
  • Public finance (State finance ministries)
  • Consumer prices (Labour ministry)
  • Health (State Health ministries)
  • Education (State Education ministries)
  • Crime (National Crime Records Bureau)

Time-series data are provided mostly from 1990-91. In the case of some indicators, the service also provides district-level data.