Remote Access

Information about Remote Access

LRC provides a Remote Access facility to current students and faculty. LRC subscribes electronic databases of academic interest to support the academic activities of the Institute students, faculty, and staff. These resources of electronic databases are purchased by the Institute either directly or through consortia. These are also governed by license and contract agreements. Each electronic resource database, whether purchased individually or through consortia, contains strict guidelines on the use of resources by authorized users.

The user agrees to the following conditions to use this service:

  • To offer the best Library and Information Services for the students, faculty, and staff of IIMT. 
  • To provide effective access to learning resources in all required formats.
  • To keep the academic community abreast of the latest developments and to provide them with updated information on business and management.
  • To ensure the highest level of user satisfaction.
  • To meet the teaching, learning, research, training and consulting needs of IIMT

Steps to use Remote Access facility

Weblink to access Off-campus facility@

Please note that the following resources are not accessible through RemoteXs

  • ACE Equity and Mutual Fund
  • CMIE-ProwessIQ
  • Thomson-Eikon
  • Statistical tools
  • Simulation software