Information about all library transactions such as loan, reservation, and fine due is listed here. The online catalogue OPAC helps you check the availability and renewal of resources.

  • Access to current issues and back volumes of journals.
  • Issue-Return of books
  • Borrower Responsibilities
  • Borrowers are responsible for library materials charged out to them until they are received by the library.


Notices to Borrowers

You will receive item available, recall (new due date), overdue notices, and fine/fee billing notices via e-mail from These notices are sent as a courtesy.  We encourage all library users to check their library accounts regularly to manage recalls and due dates.


  • IIMT faculty, staff and students with IIMT IDs:  If you have a new email address, be sure to update your information with your department administrative or business office.
  • Users with Library-issued IDs: Update your email address with the LRC.


E-Resources Access and Use

All the electronic resources are governed by license agreements that limit use to the IIMT Community or to individuals who are physically present at IIMT LRC facilities. Each user is responsible for ensuring that he or she uses these products only for noncommercial, educational, scholarly or research use without systematically downloading, distributing, or retaining indefinitely substantial portions of information. The use of software such as scripts, agents, or robots, is generally prohibited and may result in loss of access to these resources for the entire IIMT community.

Please Be Aware

  • Sharing an access password with unauthorized users--including family, friends, or co-workers--may result in suspension or revocation of library privileges. Non-affiliated users may, however, access most electronic library resources from workstations in IIMT. Downloading entire issues of electronic journals, several sequential chapters in online books, or attempting to create large databases from bibliographic files, is generally prohibited by license agreements. Systematic downloading of content -- manually or with specialized software--is detectable by information providers and may result in loss of that information service to the relevant computer addresses or the entire IIMT community.

 Appropriate Use of LRC Computers

  • The use of LRC computers is subject to the same policies governing the use of other LRC facilities, including all applicable  copyright restrictions, and license agreements.
  • Tampering with the hardware or software on the computers is strictly prohibited. Violations may result in Institute disciplinary action.


Knowledge Management

LRC maintains an archive of intellectual capital such as faculty working papers, articles and lectures by key speakers, student achievements, among others.

Inter Library /Resource Sharing & Consortium Loans

Library has co-operative arrangements with IIMs and other major libraries through the DELNET to get documents, which are not available in the LRC. Faculty and researchers can avail this

If a book is not available in our library, we can get the same from other IIM libraries and other networks subject to its availability. Please submit your requirements in this regard.


Research Assistance


LRC supports academic community and staff with data retrieval and analysis for their research/teaching needs. LRC staff will assist in collecting and collating data from different sources ranging from historical data to current updates, market data to literature surveys or any other customised need.


  • Data gathering, analysis, and management
  • Training for database usage
  • Business Intelligence AnalysisLiterature reviews, providing a list of reference articles, links, etc along with abstracts
  • Bibliographic reference

DELNET (Developing Library Network), which enables resource sharing among libraries and access to:

  • Cambridge Dictionaries online
  • Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations
  • GISTNIC Databases
  • MEDLINE & other databases of NLM
  • U.S. Patents: Full Text
  • Open Access Journals


Information for Visitors

  • Researchers and visitors who are not currently registered students or employees of IIMT are welcome to visit the LRC.  Access to LRC collections is restricted in some cases, and the staff will be happy to assist you.


  • Display of New Arrivals.
  • Current Awareness Service
  • Photocopying Service