General Policies / Rules & Regulations

By the act of using any facility of the LRC, a user agrees to abide by the rules of the LRC.

  • Members will not be allowed to use the LRC in absence of the LRC staff. They must carry ID card while entering LRC & produce it when asked by the staff. 
  •  Silence must be observed in the LRC. Sleeping is prohibited in the library.
  • It is permitted to work in-group and study verbally in the designated area, provided it does not disturb the decorum of the LRC & does not affect others in the LRC.
  • Use of any tobacco products including smoking is prohibited in the library.
  • Mobile phones should be in silent mode.
  • Computers, Tablets & other Electronic gadgets are allowed, just for purely Academic purposes. Playing games on them is strongly prohibited.
  • Members are required to carry their ID card at all times and must show them at the request of the LRC Staff. 
  • No person may misuse, damage or attempt to damage any LRC resources.  The members shall be responsible for any damage done to the documents or any other property belonging to the LRC, if anyone is found doing so he/she will be charged the full replacement cost of the material, as decided by the CKO in consultation with the Director.
  • Members are responsible for keeping the LRC informed at all times of their current term-time, telephone number and present communication addresses, including E-mail IDs, home addresses, Local Guardian’s addresses, etc. This information is to provide through the form available at the LRC. If a user does not fulfill her/his obligation to report changes and the LRC has to find out data itself, the user will be required to pay any costs incurred by the LRC towards the same.
  • No security deposit shall be repaid until all books and dues outstanding against the member and ID card have been duly returned.
  • All members associated with Institute should obtain Clearance Certificate from the LRC before they leave the Institute, otherwise their diploma/certificate, stipends/fellowships, and/or other dues etc. may be withheld.
  • Leave your personal belongings, such as bags, note books, etc., outside the LRC entrance, on your own responsibility. The LRC disclaims any liability for loss or damage.
  • Drinks & Eatables, including water,  are not allowed in the LRC premises.
  • Member cannot bring personal books/photocopies etc. inside the LRC for consultation; however they can get special permission from the Librarian & CKO to use them for reference.
  • During the emergency all users must vacate the LRC using the emergency gate installed at the right side corner of the LRC.
  • All LRC resources must be borrowed before leaving the LRC. Un borrowed items taken beyond the Electronic Gate/Security Desk are considered stolen. Offenders are liable for suspension and stern disciplinary action.
  • Photographing, Filming, videotaping and audio taping are not allowed without the permission of the LRC Authority.
  • The Librarian & CKO  has the discretion to suspend library membership, including access to the Internet, of those borrowers who fail to return items or fail to pay charges after due notification, cause repeated disturbance or otherwise fail to comply with these rules and regulations.

All documents are issued till the date stamped on the date label &/or official receipt of issue. If there is any discrepancy between date label and the Issue Receipt, it is the borrower’s responsibility to inform the LRC Staff at the Circulation Desk about it.

LRC Committee will decide the procurement of all types of information resources by examining recommendations of the faculty members.

Circulation Policies:

S.NoMembership CategoryEntitlementDurationFine (including holidays & Weekends)
1.Faculty6 Books8 weeks
2.Students (PGP/PGPBM)3 Books2 weeks2/- per day
3.FPM students4 Books3 weeks2/- per day
4.Staff4 Books3 weeks2/- per day
5.Others2 Books3 weeks2/- per day

Copying, recording or downloading from materials or services supplied by the LRC must comply with the terms of current copyright law and with any Licenses governing the use of such materials and services.

To encourage timely return of LRC materials and to provide optimal sharing of the collections, fines are charged for overdue items. Borrowers are responsible for returning items by the due date. If items are not returned within the due date, fines will be charged, as per the rates provided in the above table.

If ID card is lost, or stolen, the member will be held responsible until the loss has been reported in writing to the Librarian & CKO. For replacement of ID card, the member is obliged to pay Rs. 500.