About Us

It is not just a library or Learning Resource Centre (LRC) it is the geographic, intellectual and emotional center of the campus. 

It is the place to LEARN, UNLEARN and RELEARN

It provides social and productivity space. There is a wide range of learning spaces to explore within our LRC

We offer different study and social environments to support your learning. From large spaces to small and personal rooms, we aim to offer something for everyone.

It has

1.Brain BubblesPlace for encounters, debate, and cooperation.
2. Human LibraryAcquire new skills combining professional and interpersonal skills to gain untouched knowledge and experience from experts in different domains.
3. Researcher ZoneSpace to work or unwind, alone or in groups uninterrupted place to engage true research work.
4.Silent ZoneNeed somewhere silent to concentrate on your work? Try out the Learning Hub’s Silent Rooms designed just for moments like this.
5.YLCYoung Learners Centre engages the future leaders with a variety of resources.
6.Meditation cornerA place to develop concentration, clarity, emotional positivity, and a calm seeing of the true nature of things.
7.Caféwhere you can buy refreshments;
8.Relaxation zonewhere you want to sleep/relax.
9.Language LabPlace to learn new languages.